Other Creative Minds

Check out some of my favorite writers, artists, and photographers below:

Alicia L.


Photographer, artist, best friend… She carries many titles. Website backgrounds, headers, and some photos have been captured by this truly talented soul, giving something personal and important to my page.

Follow her below:

Joel Babs

Digital Artist

Fun, talented, and colorful, Babs art brings something new every time. It is unique, whimsical, and touches the soul in the most creative ways.

Follow Joel Babs below:

S.M. Mitchell

Writer and CMO of Ink & Fable

An incredible dark fantasy novelist, SM Mitchell creates intriguing worlds and captivating characters through her stories, every page drawing you in more and more. Her website also includes resources and tools for other writers.

Find her here:

Elora Burrell

Writer and CEO of Ink & Fable

With stories that leave you wanting more, Elora brings every page to life with her captivating characters. She brings old stories to life with an interesting perspective and exciting new twists.

Follow her here:


Designer and Illustrator

[Des’ Cover and Concept Artist]

KHuggs is an exceptional, highly skilled artist. From covers to concepts to maps to nature art, KHuggs is able to bring the beauty out in any piece and personalize it to meet the needs and dreams of those who work with her.

She is available for commissions and you can check her out on her social media pages below:

Folio Freelance


[Des’ Editor]

Brittany is the full package when it comes to being an editor. She can help develop a story at every level and her support, creativity, and thoughtfulness help to make a story expand into the best it can be. Without her mind and skill, The Monsters series would not be close to be what it is.

You can check out Brittany below:

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