The Monsters Emerge

Book 2 of The Monsters Series

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Category: Young Adult, NA Fiction

Shadow is unaccustomed to life at court. Everything around her feels foreign—the Palace, the people, the fragile sense of security and peace. Eirho. Even her true name, the one that echoes through the corridors feels like it belongs to a stranger. For Shadow, normalcy lies in rage and ruin, chaos and panic. She knows blood, fire, and pain. But the anarchy she once knew is ready to return with a vengeance.

A new enemy strikes The City and everyone within its walls is clawed back into the depths of danger. This threat is unlike anything The City, or Shadow, has ever faced. A darkness that could drag them all to the pits of the earth veils the land, and an unknown enemy is at the front gates. Shadow needs to find a way to stop inevitable slaughter and her only chance is a clue. One name: The Eye. Everything and everyone is at stake; her magic may not be enough to save anyone…

And this time, there may not be survivors.

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